About Us

About Us

We always said that we wanted to have “happy” jobs—to work in a place that is fun and where people are smiling and laughing. After volunteering to chaperone at our sons’ middle school social events, we were amazed by how much fun the kids were having in the Say Cheez PhotoBooth.

We had been to weddings where there was a photobooth, but it only held two people and there weren’t any fun props; we stood inside a hard-shelled case, just pushed a button and waited.

With Say Cheez PhotoBooth, the booth operator was laughing and interacting with the kids as well as working the camera to make sure every photo shot was the best it could be. When the photostrips printed within seconds in extremely high quality, and those middle-schoolers grabbed their photostrips and began laughing and showing their friends…and then got back in line to do it again—we knew that we found our “happy” job!

In addition to providing the entertainment factor, we believe the quality of the photostrips must be a priority. We put the Say Cheez name on every photostrip that is handed to your guests because we know if the photos have great resolution and feature everyone having fun—those photostrips will be passed around and uploaded to share with friends and family.

Our business is family-owned and operated. Our experience includes formal wedding receptions, outdoor street festivals, church and school socials, proms and homecomings, birthdays and reunions. We are based in southern Overland Park but have traveled as far as Marysville and Dekalb, Missouri for events. It is our job to help make your event memorable and fun…and we love what we do!

Katie and Mike McElhinney

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