Shawnee Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth – at Power Play

Shawnee Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth – at Power Play

Zach invited the photo booth to his Bar Mitzvah celebration at Power Play in Shawnee, Kansas.  Once we set up the booth it didn’t take long for everyone, kids and adults alike, to start putting on silly props, making silly faces and rocking the photo booth.  For the first time in a long time, adults got it going first followed by the kids, but once the kids get in there, look out!

Great dance music for people of all ages was provided by All-4-U Entertainment.  Everyone appeared to be having a great time on the dance floor (when they weren’t in the photo booth, of course)20140816_100059.

Edgerton Wedding Photo Booth – Johnson County, Kansas

20140719_095454Edgerton Wedding Photo Booth -Johnson County, Kansas

Mildale Farm in Edgerton, Kansas was the site of our latest wedding reception photo booth rental.  What a picturesque setting…as we drove along 199th Street toward Mildale Farm, we were mesmerized by the crisp white fencing that seemed to stretch forever contrasting with the lush, green rolling hills.  The main entrance was stately and a long brick drive led us past a perfect little pond and through the estate.  We couldn’t believe this was a Johnson County Parks and Recreation property!

The main events, wedding and reception, were both happening in the “barn” and we use that term loosely because when you think of the term “barn”…it conjures up certain ideas.  This was not your typical Kansas barn.  It was large with tall, soaring ceilings like you would imagine but the inside has a vintage elegance like no other venue we have ever seen.  The smell of cedar made the barn smell brand new.  The simple, classic white lights contrasted with the darker iron doors and solid cedar beams gave the place instant rustic charm.

We were fortunate to work with fellow vendors Top Shelf Bartending Service and DJ Kreations at the reception.  The guests were…lively.

At the reception, as is usual, the kids were first in the photo booth and snapped pictures for about the first thirty to sixty minutes.  Then the adults took over and…WOW…did things get crazy with Lauren and Cody leading the way. Things got so crazy that for the first time we….well…what happens in the photo booth stays in the photo booth.

By the end of the night, the Guestbook was over flowing with photostrips of friends and family having so much fun. One special highlight was when Cody’s great aunt came around the camera and gave each of us a big hug to let us know how much she appreciated us being there.

Sugar Creek Wedding Photo Booth

20140711_083549Sugar Creek Wedding Photo Booth

Our photo booth traveled to Sugar Creek, Missouri for the wedding celebration for Melissa and Leroy at the Mallinson Vineyard and Hall this past Friday evening.  We had never been to Sugar Creek before and what a nice surprise!  It is a quaint little town with beautiful rolling hills and an old fashioned main street just outside Independence, Missouri.

The Mallinson Vineyard and Hall was the perfect spot for the wedding reception.  Real grapevines growing right outside the hall!  The hall is spacious with seating upstairs and down as well as a large back patio and spacious grounds.  And the wine was fantastic!!

The photo booth was busy right away as Melissa and Leroy had their pictures done after the ceremony.  What a great way to entertain (and distract) your guests while they are waiting for the newlyweds to arrive!  As usual, the kids are the first to jump into the photo booth, and as soon as the adults see how much fun the kiddos are having, in they go!  Hearing the laughter is the best part of our jobs.  Or maybe it is the big smile we see after we hand everyone in the photo booth their own copy of the photostrip.

Melissa and Leroy wanted the Guestbook Service and that book was so full at the end of the night that the guests were writing their well wishes and congratulations on the inside covers.  The Guestbook is filled with every photostrip taken that evening plus personal messages from the guests.  We also include a CD that contains a digital copy of every photo strip taken as well so those photostrips can be shared online with Facebook and Instagram.  We love capturing the fun and sharing it!

Hope to see you in the booth!

Say Cheez Kansas City

Overland Park Party Photo Booth – in Kensington Valley

Overland Park Party Photo Booth – in Kensington Valley

Where is the best neighborhood in Overland Park?  Kensington Valley!  We joined dozens of our neighbors in the annual Kensington Valley Deck Crawl on Saturday July 12th and surprised everyone with our photo booth at the last house on the crawl.  Killer photostrips!  And our hats are off to our wonderful hosts who opened their homes and decks to us all and provided amazing food and drinks!

19800101_010931 The theme of the deck crawl this year was “The Holidays” and everyone could dress up according to their favorite holiday.  We dressed in Christmas and Cinco de Mayo attire.  At the first home on our deck crawl, we mixed and mingled with our neighbors, some of whom were dressed to the hilt!  A couple who has lived in the neighborhood for over 15 years won the best costume award as they dressed in Halloween costumes (he was Gene Simmons in full Kiss makeup and she was the essence of Halloween covered in spider webs and spiders!).   We met several new couples who had moved in over the past year and connected with our tried-and-true friends who are always up for  party.  It was great to catch up with some of those neighbors we only have time to wave to as we drive by.

The 2nd house on the deck crawl took us right back to college days.  Jello shots!  Woo Hoo!  The deck was so large it held about 40 of us plus food and drink.  We may have been feeling a little deck envy at that point.  The tunes were rocking and we continued to laugh and tell funny stories until it was time to move t the next house.

The 3rd and final house on the deck crawl.  A few of the couples had peeled off before the last house on the crawl citing reasons like small children waking in the early morning hours.  Though most of the festivities were inside at the last stop, a rambunctious bunch ventured out onto the back deck and started a game of flip cup.  And inside, our photo booth didn’t even need any props since everyone was decked out in their “holiday” gear.

Hope to see you in the booth!

Overland Park Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth – at Congregation Beth Shalom

Overland Park Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth – at Congregation Beth Shalom

Photo booth at a Bar Mitzvah with ice cream and waffles til 12:30 a.m.??   Oh yes!!  On July 5th there was still an air of excitement and celebration as fireworks randomly lit up the sky and mini explosions could be heard off in the distance. On that Saturday night, we arrived at Congregation Beth Shalom for Gavi’s Bar Mitzvah.

We (okay…I) customized the top of the photostrip with a 4th of July themed-design as requested.  I thought it looked super cool, but more than one person (in addition to Mike) may have looked at the design and exclaimed, “What’s that?”  Well, they are little firecrackers…if you look close.  Nonetheless, I stand by the cool design.20140705_111836 Though it was a late night for us, it was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable photo booth jobs we have done yet.  The kids were amazing…so polite and so tolerant of the numerous younger siblings who were there for the party. Gavi was the man of the hour and dressed to the nines.  He made his way back to the photo booth as often as he could–piling in the booth with his buddies.  But while Gavi was down the hall with his friends, his little sister Ellie, kept us company.  For an 11 year old, she was so engaging!  We talked about her dreams of traveling the world some day, she took us down the hall to introduce us to the lady serving the ice cream and waffles, and then she got me in the booth for a picture.  She is one remarkable young lady.

Another highlight of the evening was chatting with Gavi’s grandfather from Seattle.  He had lots of questions about how the photo booth worked.  And what a great smile he had…his face just lit up with he saw little Danni posing for her photo booth pictures. Late in the evening, Gavi’s parents finally made it into the photo booth and we caught them in a kiss.  So sweet! See you in the photo booth!

Kansas City Benefit Photo Booth

photo booth rental leawood kansasKansas City Benefit Photo Booth

Worth Harley Davidson was the site for the photo booth to join bikers for the Guns n Hoses Benefit ride in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mother Nature was a little tricky for the motorcyclists riding in the Guns and Hoses Benefit Ride this year.  It was a complete downpour  during registration that morning at the Westside Family Church in Lenexa, but that did not deter the hundreds that showed up to ride.  There were three families of local Fire, Police, Emergency Responder departments here in the Kansas City metro area–all of whom are dealing with difficult illnesses plus have the burden of overwhelming medical bills.  The money raised directly benefits those struggling families.

While the reasons for this annual benefit ride are sad, the riders who gathered at Worth Harley Davidson in Tiffany Springs were ready for fun!  There was a band jamming, tons of food, cold beer, raffle items and a photobooth, of course! We are already looking forward to next year!!

Kansas City Photo Booth Fundraiser

19800101_015809Kansas City Photo Booth Fundraiser

This past Saturday we were invited to participate in Paws & Pancakes at Pooches Paradise in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kathie McElhinney, friend (and sister) of ours, is an active member of REGAP (Retired Greyhounds As Pets) here in Kansas City, and she invited us to the event.  It served as a fundraiser for REGAP, and we were happy to help out.  Many greyhound owners participated in the fundraiser, and they brought their furry friends with them.  The hounds were just a little skeptical of getting in the photobooth (except one named Fonzie; he loved it), but many did and took pictures with their human counterparts.  All in all it was a fun event, and we were grateful for the invitation.  Pooches Paradise was a perfect place to host it (thank you) and Chris Cakes provided the flap jacks.

Overland Park Photo Booth Expo

Overland Park Photo Booth Expo

A weekend of wellness, shopping and fun at the Just For Her Expo in Overland Park.  Say Cheez Kansas City teamed up with Voga Salon for the best booth at the expo!  Ladies got their eyebrows done, added colorful extensions to their hair and then jumped in the photo booth to show off their new look.  It was great to see so many sisters, daughters, moms and grandmoms out together enjoying all that the expo had to offer.

The expo is held the first weekend of June each year, and what a fun place to bring your girlfriends.  You never know what you will find there as local vendors along with vendors from all of the country bring with unique products that you just can’t find anywhere else.  There are health and beauty products, amazing food items that you get to sample, and just different, fresh ideas for fashion, wellness and fun.  The fun is where Say Cheez Kansas City fits right in!

The Say Cheez Kansas City photo booth provided free photo booth shots and copies of photostrips to everyone!  It was so fun to watch people come around the corner and see the photo booth.  White some people couldn’t get into the photo booth fast enough, some of the gals were a little hesitant (not sure how silly they wanted to be) but once they got into the booth and closed the curtain, you could hear the laughter 3 rows away.  How could they not laugh donning the  funny hats and glasses we provided.  And everyone was so excited to learn that each person in the photo booth was able to take home their own photo strip.  What a unique and memorable way to capture the fun with friends and family…a memento to put on the frig or use as a bookmark.

Just For Her Expo
Photo booth fun at Just For Her Expo


St. Joseph Church Photo Booth

20140517_011018St. Joseph Church Photo Booth

So…last Saturday Grace Evangelical Church in St. Joseph invited us to participate in an event for Camp Quality.  If you haven’t heard of Camp Quality (and we hadn’t at the time), here is how it was explained to us:

“…it’s a one week camp that is provided free of charge for kids 16 and younger who are battling cancer.  It’s a chance for young boys and girls to step out of their situation of going to doctors and doing treatments and just be a kid without any concerns for a whole week.  It also gives parents a week to take a breath and not have to worry about all that goes along with taking care of their sick child.

Each kid has a chaperone the whole camp.  One to one ratio.  They do everything together.  So the child is taken care of very well.  It’s a very great cause, and it creates some amazing memories for these youngsters.  It’s very expensive, but the community around here has really rallied around them and raise money continually throughout the year so this program can continue free of charge for the kids/parents.”

How could we pass up such an invitation?  Well, we couldn’t.  It ended up being one of those experiences where you think you’re doing something nice for someone, and you walk away feeling like the blessed one.  These kids were absolutely inspirational.  Despite having to battle this terrible disease, these kids jumped in the photobooth smiling, laughing and rocking all of the silly props.  Then as they waited for their photostrips to print, they engaged us in conversation and jokes.

We walked away from there truly honored that we were invited to participate.  We were the blessed ones, having been given this opportunity to meet these kids.

Overland Park Party Photo Booth – St. Andrews Highlands Room

20140515_065649Overland Park Party Photo Booth – St. Andrews Highlands Room

Put together some active, lady golfers with gourmet munchies, fancy drinks and a photobooth…and you have another amazing Ladies Night Out at St. Andrews Highlands Room.  This annual event put together by Allison Senger is a hit! Many local vendors with wonderful products and a raffle for golf equipment/apparel, beautiful jewelry and scarves plus a putting contest with a cash prize made for a really fun evening.