Kansas City Photo Booth Fundraiser

19800101_015809Kansas City Photo Booth Fundraiser

This past Saturday we were invited to participate in Paws & Pancakes at Pooches Paradise in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kathie McElhinney, friend (and sister) of ours, is an active member of REGAP (Retired Greyhounds As Pets) here in Kansas City, and she invited us to the event.  It served as a fundraiser for REGAP, and we were happy to help out.  Many greyhound owners participated in the fundraiser, and they brought their furry friends with them.  The hounds were just a little skeptical of getting in the photobooth (except one named Fonzie; he loved it), but many did and took pictures with their human counterparts.  All in all it was a fun event, and we were grateful for the invitation.  Pooches Paradise was a perfect place to host it (thank you) and Chris Cakes provided the flap jacks.

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