Overland Park Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth – at Congregation Beth Shalom

Overland Park Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth – at Congregation Beth Shalom

Photo booth at a Bar Mitzvah with ice cream and waffles til 12:30 a.m.??   Oh yes!!  On July 5th there was still an air of excitement and celebration as fireworks randomly lit up the sky and mini explosions could be heard off in the distance. On that Saturday night, we arrived at Congregation Beth Shalom for Gavi’s Bar Mitzvah.

We (okay…I) customized the top of the photostrip with a 4th of July themed-design as requested.  I thought it looked super cool, but more than one person (in addition to Mike) may have looked at the design and exclaimed, “What’s that?”  Well, they are little firecrackers…if you look close.  Nonetheless, I stand by the cool design.20140705_111836 Though it was a late night for us, it was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable photo booth jobs we have done yet.  The kids were amazing…so polite and so tolerant of the numerous younger siblings who were there for the party. Gavi was the man of the hour and dressed to the nines.  He made his way back to the photo booth as often as he could–piling in the booth with his buddies.  But while Gavi was down the hall with his friends, his little sister Ellie, kept us company.  For an 11 year old, she was so engaging!  We talked about her dreams of traveling the world some day, she took us down the hall to introduce us to the lady serving the ice cream and waffles, and then she got me in the booth for a picture.  She is one remarkable young lady.

Another highlight of the evening was chatting with Gavi’s grandfather from Seattle.  He had lots of questions about how the photo booth worked.  And what a great smile he had…his face just lit up with he saw little Danni posing for her photo booth pictures. Late in the evening, Gavi’s parents finally made it into the photo booth and we caught them in a kiss.  So sweet! See you in the photo booth!

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