Overland Park Party Photo Booth – in Kensington Valley

Overland Park Party Photo Booth – in Kensington Valley

Where is the best neighborhood in Overland Park?  Kensington Valley!  We joined dozens of our neighbors in the annual Kensington Valley Deck Crawl on Saturday July 12th and surprised everyone with our photo booth at the last house on the crawl.  Killer photostrips!  And our hats are off to our wonderful hosts who opened their homes and decks to us all and provided amazing food and drinks!

19800101_010931 The theme of the deck crawl this year was “The Holidays” and everyone could dress up according to their favorite holiday.  We dressed in Christmas and Cinco de Mayo attire.  At the first home on our deck crawl, we mixed and mingled with our neighbors, some of whom were dressed to the hilt!  A couple who has lived in the neighborhood for over 15 years won the best costume award as they dressed in Halloween costumes (he was Gene Simmons in full Kiss makeup and she was the essence of Halloween covered in spider webs and spiders!).   We met several new couples who had moved in over the past year and connected with our tried-and-true friends who are always up for  party.  It was great to catch up with some of those neighbors we only have time to wave to as we drive by.

The 2nd house on the deck crawl took us right back to college days.  Jello shots!  Woo Hoo!  The deck was so large it held about 40 of us plus food and drink.  We may have been feeling a little deck envy at that point.  The tunes were rocking and we continued to laugh and tell funny stories until it was time to move t the next house.

The 3rd and final house on the deck crawl.  A few of the couples had peeled off before the last house on the crawl citing reasons like small children waking in the early morning hours.  Though most of the festivities were inside at the last stop, a rambunctious bunch ventured out onto the back deck and started a game of flip cup.  And inside, our photo booth didn’t even need any props since everyone was decked out in their “holiday” gear.

Hope to see you in the booth!

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