St. Joseph Church Photo Booth

20140517_011018St. Joseph Church Photo Booth

So…last Saturday Grace Evangelical Church in St. Joseph invited us to participate in an event for Camp Quality.  If you haven’t heard of Camp Quality (and we hadn’t at the time), here is how it was explained to us:

“…it’s a one week camp that is provided free of charge for kids 16 and younger who are battling cancer.  It’s a chance for young boys and girls to step out of their situation of going to doctors and doing treatments and just be a kid without any concerns for a whole week.  It also gives parents a week to take a breath and not have to worry about all that goes along with taking care of their sick child.

Each kid has a chaperone the whole camp.  One to one ratio.  They do everything together.  So the child is taken care of very well.  It’s a very great cause, and it creates some amazing memories for these youngsters.  It’s very expensive, but the community around here has really rallied around them and raise money continually throughout the year so this program can continue free of charge for the kids/parents.”

How could we pass up such an invitation?  Well, we couldn’t.  It ended up being one of those experiences where you think you’re doing something nice for someone, and you walk away feeling like the blessed one.  These kids were absolutely inspirational.  Despite having to battle this terrible disease, these kids jumped in the photobooth smiling, laughing and rocking all of the silly props.  Then as they waited for their photostrips to print, they engaged us in conversation and jokes.

We walked away from there truly honored that we were invited to participate.  We were the blessed ones, having been given this opportunity to meet these kids.

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