Sugar Creek Wedding Photo Booth

20140711_083549Sugar Creek Wedding Photo Booth

Our photo booth traveled to Sugar Creek, Missouri for the wedding celebration for Melissa and Leroy at the Mallinson Vineyard and Hall this past Friday evening.  We had never been to Sugar Creek before and what a nice surprise!  It is a quaint little town with beautiful rolling hills and an old fashioned main street just outside Independence, Missouri.

The Mallinson Vineyard and Hall was the perfect spot for the wedding reception.  Real grapevines growing right outside the hall!  The hall is spacious with seating upstairs and down as well as a large back patio and spacious grounds.  And the wine was fantastic!!

The photo booth was busy right away as Melissa and Leroy had their pictures done after the ceremony.  What a great way to entertain (and distract) your guests while they are waiting for the newlyweds to arrive!  As usual, the kids are the first to jump into the photo booth, and as soon as the adults see how much fun the kiddos are having, in they go!  Hearing the laughter is the best part of our jobs.  Or maybe it is the big smile we see after we hand everyone in the photo booth their own copy of the photostrip.

Melissa and Leroy wanted the Guestbook Service and that book was so full at the end of the night that the guests were writing their well wishes and congratulations on the inside covers.  The Guestbook is filled with every photostrip taken that evening plus personal messages from the guests.  We also include a CD that contains a digital copy of every photo strip taken as well so those photostrips can be shared online with Facebook and Instagram.  We love capturing the fun and sharing it!

Hope to see you in the booth!

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